In order to security reason, ought not to using without docker for decreasing danger on the host server.

Build and Install with Docker

Easy Install

Please register the API key of the public databases Analytics using.

The command will help you create and run Analytics.

sudo docker run \

-e PBP_CFG=1 \

-e PBP_MySQL_host=<Database Host> \

-e PBP_MySQL_database=<Database Name > \

-e PBP_MySQL_user=<Database Username> \

-e PBP_MySQL_passwd=<Database Password> \

-e PBP_SafeBrowsing_google_api_key=<Google API Token> \

-e PBP_PhishTank_username=<PhishTank Username> \

-e PBP_PhishTank_api_key=<PhishTank API Token> \

-e PBP_WebCapture_capture_type=1 \

—name=pbpa –network=host –detach starinc/pbp-analytics